There is hope.

Christmas and new year's were fine. Blah blah, whatever. The only thing I'm on board with (or even care about) is that 2005 ended. I mean Jan 1 is a day like any other, but last year sucked so hard for me that I am welcoming any kind of way to cut it off. So, aside from a known approaching tragedy (which I've known about since last month, so technically it can fall under the poison that was 2005), all I can say is, for the love of Jordan Knight, 2006 better be good. It started out well because I saw my first movie of the year and it was Brokeback Mountain which was so wonderful, I will actually pay money to see it again in the theater. Aside from the hot man on man action (and my new boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal), it was soooooooooo good. Like, it-will-disturb-me-for-days good. And Heath Ledger should be nominated for an Oscar. Although, since movies as a whole pretty much sucked in 2005, I don't know if that's saying a whole lot. But he fucking became that guy. It was awesome. I had a few problems with the movie, as far as some unnecessary things I believe were added to make it more "mainstream," but, really, it's just nitpicking when I still can't believe this movie was actually made. Someday they may even make a real, touching, deep movie about two women in love (and not just getting it on for the pleasure of men). Although I won't hold my breath.


Everything is pretty low-key for right now. I'm trying to pay off my soul-crippling debt. I'm trying to decide when to quit my second job. I'm trying to catch up at my first job. I need to have my hair colored. Not much news.


So I was searching online last night for pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal (what? Don't judge me.) and I came across one of those fan websites? You know the ones run by over-enthusiastic 15-year-olds with more money and time than sense? Yeah, one of those. I think it was called like, I heart Jake or some shit. Now, I know, I know, I was looking at it, right? But, wow. Those girls are CRAZY. The fabulous technology of the internet makes it so easy to be obsessed with someone. I had my share of crushes on teen idols when I was a kid, but even if all of these resources were open to me then, I don't think I would have indulged. I mean, it never really occurred to me that I would ever actually meet Jon Bon Jovi. And it would probably ruin my fascination with him if I did. What if he's a jerk? Or has bad breath? I mean, I don't like most of the people that I already know. I guess there is just no gap between famous people and not famous people anymore. Not that I believe they're better or deserve to be up on a pedestal, but if you know someone's name and you know what they look like, you can probably track down ANYONE these days. I mean, they had these pictures of him eating outside at this cafe. Like, leave him alone already. I'm not much for the tabloids or whatever. But I know that I know too much about Jessica Simpson. I can't help it, when I leave the house, this horrifying info keeps creeping in. I don't know. It just seems really weird that fame has become relative and that "stars," such as they are don't actually have to do anything to warrant attention. There have always been people who were famous for being famous, but I don't recall there being more than a few. And they were usually entertaining in one way or another. Usually. I mean, like my dad said, "Who is Paris Hilton? She's not even pretty!" I know, Dad. I know.

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